Buying Apartments in Dubai and Alternative Investment Options

Dubai's residential real estate sector is one of the most developed segments of its economy, which is represented by a wide range of facilities in different parts of the city and at various prices. Demand for housing in the Emirate is formed mainly due to visitors - labor migrants, owners of companies who came from abroad, free artists who decided to settle in an exotic country by the sea, etc.

Is it possible to make money on investing in Dubai?

Despite the fact that today the real estate market in Dubai is considered to be rather mature, and the legislative initiatives of the government have significantly reduced dangerous speculative activity in the sector, the Emirate remains one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world. This also applies to the rental market.

Although more and more foreigners are interested in buying apartments in Dubai as an alternative to rental housing, the share of tenants is still high. At the same time, today, in the city, there is a tendency to move from expensive central areas closer to the outskirts, where new housing estates are being actively built.

In areas such as Jumeirah Village, Dubai International City, IMPZ, Al Qusais, and others, buying and renting housing is cheaper, and apartments and townhouses are built in large quantities. The cost of an annual rent of studios here varies from 25 to 55 thousand dirhams, and the rent of a 1-room apartment varies from 30 to 75 thousand.

Thus, from an investment point of view, residential real estate in Dubai - especially studios and 1-bedroom apartments - remains among one of the better-earning assets in which you can invest. However, this option may not be suitable for every investor.

Buying overseas property is rightly considered a good acquisition:

  • Rental income can be received in dollars, euros or other stable currency.
  • Such an asset does not depend on changes in the economy of your country and is influenced only by the local and global market.
  • On many overseas sites, the cost of renting an apartment (and therefore the investor’s revenue) is noticeably higher than in most countries of Europe.
  • For many, housing abroad is a symbol of success and prestigious property, which can also be used for their own needs.

However, in order to achieve a good return on such an asset, you have to put a lot of work into them.

Buying apartments in Dubai and alternative solutions

In order not to spend lots of time and money on a property, you can purchase commercial real estate. Such objects, as a rule, have greater profitability and can be transferred to a management company, which frees the investor from the need to personally engage in an asset.

If we talk about Dubai, then there is a wide choice of marketplaces, office real estate, warehouse premises, and even industrial facilities. But city hotels deserve special attention.

Like other real estates of the Emirate, located in the so-called Freehold-zones, hotel facilities can be purchased as property, sold, inherited, etc. Moreover, you can not only purchase an entire hotel but also individual rooms that are being sold to individual investors. Those, in turn, lease a room to a hotel operator and receive income from the hotel’s activities.

Source: russiandating com

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